UNKLE BOB | The Deepest Sea

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UNKLE BOB | The Deepest Sea

Unkle Bob have been around since 2006 but 2014 marked a fresh start. Tipped by many to go all the way, their legacy was two albums, Sugar and Spite (2006) and Shockwaves (2010). Meeting in the early 00s in Tchai Ovna, a student-frequented Glasgow tearoom, they were taken under the wing of James violinist, Saul Davies who co-produced much of the material on their 2006 debut. They became a hit in the US with tracks featuring in TV dramas including Grey’s Anatomy, CSI Miami and My Sassy Girl. After relocating to London in 2006, Unkle Bob MK1 finally called it a day in 2011. 

Singer-songwriter and frontman Rick Webster revived the Unkle Bob name releasing a 3rd album entitled Embers in July 2014. Largely written, recorded and self-produced in his bedroom the recordings marked a return to releasing music, this time as a solo artist. 

In December 2016 Unkle Bob returned with a hypnotic, folk-infused mini-album entitled The Deepest Sea. Tracks Give Me the Love and I Watched Your Heart proved popular on various playlists helping land millions of streams and a bunch of new fans.

The Deepest Sea draws influence from Sun Kil Moon, Sigor Ros, Bon Iver and has an analogue, raw feel to the production thanks to Green Door's Samuel J Smith who mixed and mastered The Deepest Sea. Tracks such as Give Me the Love (already a hit on one of Spotify's biggest 'Coffee Break' playlists) embody the haunting melancholy featured throughout this mini-album which then has anthemic bursts of fuzz, grunge and pop.

Axel Niehaus