EDEN ESPINOSA On Her New Role, Herself, 5 Questions:


EDEN ESPINOSA | Revelation

Eden Espinosa is taking on a new role. Many know her from her blockbuster stint as Elphaba in Wicked and later Maureen in the final cast of RENT. Although Espinosa is no stranger to the stage, there are still a few parts she wants to play.

And what is Espinosa dream role right now? Herself.

REVELATION is Espinosa's first foray into songwriting, and she proves she has a distinct talent for crafting a lyric writing eight out of the albums ten tracks. Each composition is built upon her own experiences in life and includes themes of fear, vulnerability, and self-acceptance.


How does Espinosa feel about her new role? We had a quick sit down with the showstopper to hear her personal review of her performance.


1. We know you primarily as a performer—one with a fierce voice, but not a songwriter. Have you always been writing? What made you start?

When I was a kid, I used to write or make up songs all the time. I’ve always been drawn to songwriting and lyrics and to the craft of writing a song. But as I got older, fear stopped me from writing. I judged myself before I even put anything on paper. I was getting ready to start the process of working on my second album and found a producer I wanted to work with. He was the one who encouraged me to start writing.

2. What was the first song you ever wrote?

Well, when I was like 8, I wrote a song about Walt Disney. But the first song I wrote for REVELATION was “ Master of my Life."

3. How did you find your sound as a songwriter?

I carefully chose the people I collaborated with on the album. I feel like the sound came together in development sessions with my producer, Blaine Stark. In our conversations on how I wanted the album to come across. The mood I wanted to create, the vibes I wanted people to feel. We really talked in detail about all of this, and I think that’s how the “sound” came together.

4. How do the songs on this album all fit together? Is there a driving message/idea/theme behind it?

I wanted this album to be a cohesive project that was meant to listen from start to finish. There is a bit of a journey there. But I think the message is to take care of yourself, don’t compromise or dim your light for anyone. Shine bright.

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5. What song most represents who YOU are at this moment in your life? As in, if you had to use one song to explain who you are, which one do you put forward?

"Master of My Life"

6. Would you ever write songs for another artist? If so, for whom would you most like to write?

I don’t know if I have to confidence yet in myself as a songwriter to write for anyone else. But I would be so flattered if anyone else wanted to record one of my songs. I would love to write a song for Jeremy Jordan to record. He is one of my all-time fave voices, and I want him to record in the studio!


To say that Espinosa has tapped into new potential would be an understatement. She may be an award-winning theatre star, but her new role as herself proves she has a pristine form of expression and talent long after the curtain closes.

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Gabe Crawford