DAVID BERKELEY "The Faded Red And Blue", A Peaceful Protest:


DAVID BERKELEY "The Faded Red And Blue", A Peaceful Protest:

The United States is going through troubled times. It doesn't matter what side of the aisle you sit; the US is fighting many cancers. One of the most significant ailments facing the nation right now is division.

This division runs deep, from disagreeing over policies to human rights, many Americans find themselves willingly huddled in a corner without room to budge. Many artists have spoken out on this harsh reality, yet David Berkeley does it differently in his newest EP, The Faded Red and Blue.

Berkeley presents The Faded Red and Blue with calm and steady folk stylings. Each song is set to guitar, but nothing ends there. Mixed with horns, various percussion, and fiddle, Berkeley creates a new brand of Americana.

The Faded Red and Blue does not come across combative or disrespectful to any group of Americans, yet it is a calm, peaceful protest. The EP begins with the song "Ash to Ash." With a steady tempo and contemplative guitar, Berkley journeys down the endless pursuit of happiness while poetically stating enduring truths: "Fuel the fire, blood will spill."

Berkeley goes on to touch on the deep partisanship our country experiences in the gentle ode, "Throw Down a Line." In "Wolves in The Wings," he addresses the United States' deep foundation, but how some of the pillars are cracking and eroding with time.

"The Faded Red and Blue" is one of the album's absolute masterpieces. Berkeley describes the essence and soul of the US through its most sacred and tangible object, the national flag. In this poignant tune, he describes a tattered flag and addresses the country's divisiveness head-on with the lyrics, "I know your heart beats I do, and my heart beats just like you," while addressing the United States most important quality stating, "We must be a harbor for weak and weary too." These lyrics are coupled with an off-key, yet beautiful horn section portraying a bruised National Anthem.

The EP concludes with "This Be Dear To Me." This song has a warm acoustic feel while explaining how the United States' profound and essential founding principles are worth a fight.

Although Berkeley elegantly writes of the United States' current troubles, he doesn't bark or provide solutions. That is the EP's beauty. He states principles that any sane human would agree with and how they are deteriorating in the current cultural climate. Berkeley's music inspires thought and solutions, but above all else, he is encouraging us to take the first step, call out injustices, and take action for every human's inalienable rights.

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Gabe Crawford