ZEN LUNACY, The Right Recipe:



Collecting ingredients for a recipe is easy; making a delicious meal is the challenge. Creating music is much the same. Artists create through the lense of inspiration. Often, that is the styles of artists and genres past.

Zen Lunacy has developed their recipe with their 4th album, Syzygy. Initially released in December 2018, Syzgy finds the band at home in the studio. In 2016, with their album Abstractions, Zen Lunacy switched their focus from writing songs to perform live. Instead, they began to experiment using any and all tools they could find in the studio. Syzygy finds them perfecting their craft.

Syzygy begins with "Get Off." Nas would be proud of this track. It's packed with elements from 90's hip-hop. Mixed with a little industrial rock, this is candy for the ears. This song is followed by "Retrogram." Again, using elements of early hip-hop, this track is hauntingly electronic with steady percussion.

Moving down a few tracks, "Where Did It Come From" finds Zen Lunacy adding another new ingredient, funk. You could easily see these sounds in Prince's later work. Coming to "Fooled" a few tracks later, the listener finds themselves in the same funk daze, but this time it is remixed with dark synthesizers and a killer guitar riff.

The album closes with "The One" and "Namina." "The One" is reminiscent of REM and alternative rock styles, but Zen Lunacy injects a spacy feel with the use of synthesizers once more and the studio's magic. "Namina" is the last track on the album and also the longest. This track is almost ambient wallpaper, yet it still has colorful dynamics.

It's clear that Zen Lunacy has collected their ingredients from some of the best sources. They created techno, electronic, hip-hop, and 90s gold with Syzygy. It's truly a feast for the ears.

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Gabe Crawford