Off The Rack Or Custom Tailored


Your Client Presentation is coming up fast, but the piece of music you loved is too expensive. Just browse our comprehensive Music Collection sorted by many Genres and Moods - we’ve got you covered.



You’ve found something great and the client loves it. Our array of mix stems and alternate versions allows you serious customization, and the composer himself can tweak it for you to perfection.



The client wants to add the Prague Symphonic Orchestra under that awesome indie track - regardless if it is for Advertising or a complete TV Show Season, we will compose it from scratch.


The COLLECTION is built with high quality music and mixed in 48/24 WAV Files, easily sorted by Genre and Mood for the utmost searching convenience.


For when you are chasing a deadline and working through the night, you can instantly CLICK | DOWNLOAD | USE our music at the push of a button.


Every custom work contains several Mix Stems, Bumpers & Stings for easy customizability. Each buzzworthy Artist comes with instrumental mixes.

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The Soul & Lifeblood of HAUS

Whether you need to sync an authentic southern swamp band or license a magical Arabian oud symphony for your project, our artists and composers not only span every genre and style, but in this hyper-connected world we collaborate with musicians, composers, producers, bands, and publishers in every time zone - combining an artist in Akron, Ohio with a film composer in Denmark is all in a day’s work.

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